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Farm Aromatherapy

The house is filled with the smell of peaches. When I lean over the stove to look into the pot, I get the added bonus of a peach-infused facial. According to the National Hurricane Center, there is a “disturbance” in … Continue reading

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Winter blooms

I think this is a peony bush. I remember beautiful peonies in northern Minnesota, so peonies must be very hardy. The Florida winter cold must feel refreshing to them after all the warm fall days. Or maybe it just feels … Continue reading

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The plants are wintering in the greenhouse. The geraniums in particular are enjoying the 85 degrees. The greenhouse needs some repairs and some elbow grease. The plants don’t seem to mind. Cold outside. Warm inside. Warm is good.

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Bush Hog

Olde Dog’s Man, Guest Blogger So today… I needed to sharpen the blades on my Bush Hog. To get the nuts off I used a 4 foot cheater bar on my socket and it was still a hard pull. Then … Continue reading

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Chase Away the Chill

When it is horribly, bone-chilling cold outside, nothing chases away the chill quicker than sitting down with a Seed Catalog and a hot cup of tea. Every page is a dream of spring. Carrots, tomatoes, chile peppers, melons, beans… ahhhhh.

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Weather Rock

Weather Rock is the campground’s weather station. While it isn’t all that great at forecasting, it can’t be beat when it comes to accuracy of current conditions. It has drizzled most of the day. The poblano peppers, pansies, geraniums, chrysanthemums, … Continue reading

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