About Good for the Corn

It had been raining solid for almost a week when Papa went to the local hardware/feed store. The creeks were up and some were even overflowing nearby roads. The topic, of course, as he entered the store where the farmers had gathered around with their coffee, was the rain.

One farmer remarked that he hadn’t seen such a rain in 20 years. Another farmer talked about the flooded creeks keeping his cows from their usual pastures. Finally, from the corner of the store, an old farmer spoke up, “Good for the corn.” Everyone nodded sagely and said “Yep.” It was good for the corn.

Hard times? It helps to listen for the old farmer in the corner. Good for the corn.

4 Responses to About Good for the Corn

  1. Blessed rain, something we never take for granted here in Australia!


  2. Thank Buddha it isn’t pink! lol

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  3. cecimouse says:

    I’ll have to think about how pink corn might fit in. Or how to fit in pink corn.


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