Three-Day Brisket

Brisket Sept 2017

Wait for it…wait for it. That’s the motto for our famous Farm Three-Day Brisket.

Day One

I give the slab of brisket a nice olive oil massage. After it’s feeling nice and relaxed, I follow up with an invigorating After Five Dry Rub. I double-wrap the meat in plastic wrap and aluminum foil to allow the oil and spices to fuse into the meat.

Day Two

The aluminum foil-covered brisket looks like a misshapen cake that fell on one side.  It takes up a whole rack in the refrigerator. It sits. And fuses.

Day Three

He starts the fire early in the morning. After about an hour, the smoker is ready for the brisket. He mops the brisket every 45 minutes with the After Five Smoker Mop – a thin sauce that keeps the meat from drying out.

After about five or six or eight hours – it all depends – the meat reaches a temperature of 185° F.  He wraps the brisket in aluminum foil and puts in a cooler with a tight lid for two hours. The last two hours allow the brisket to finish cooking, or soak up all the sauces, or just relax after the day in the After Five Sauna.

And finally – ready to slice. We enjoy our brisket with After Five Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce, After Five Beans, and a fresh salad. Yum.

It was well worth the three days’ wait. Why famous? See that classic smoke ring? It’s the favorite of everyone who has tried it! Even the dogs get a taste or two. After all, they spent three days supervising the prep and smoking.



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  1. gophfer says:

    I liked this blog and liked the brisket too!

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