Two Striped Walking Stick

Twostriped Walking Stick Sept 2017

This is a two striped walking stick. The female is over two inches long, and the male is one inch long. The male attaches to a female, and they stay together until one of them dies. In fact, a mature male will attach to an immature female to ensure he has a mate.

Besides being a “until-death-do-us-part” bug, the two striped walking stick has quite a potent defense mechanism. It has the ability to spray a smelly, irritating liquid from its abdomen. The irritant is discharged up to 12 to 15 inches with uncanny accuracy when threatened or disturbed, and the walking stick aims for the eyes. People who have been sprayed described it as feeling like “burning, molten lead” in the eyes.

Evidently, they weren’t threatened with having their picture taken. I wasn’t sprayed.

Living in the country is educational!


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2 Responses to Two Striped Walking Stick

  1. polloplayer says:

    So cool! Haven’t seen one of these since I was a kid in the Midwest.

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