Florida Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth Snake July 2017

The snake is dead. It’s creepy and it’s dead. Now you can look closely at it.

See the egg? The snake was in the Castle, our largest chicken coop, this morning. While I was busy with email and writing, Farmer Man took over my chicken chores as a surprise for me.

Our usual chore division is that I clean the poop bins and he cleans the water containers and refills water and food. The chickens free-range in our yard, and the dogs watch.

Evidently, the cottonmouth crawled into the Castle sometime yesterday or this morning and grabbed an egg for a nice snack. After swallowing the egg, however, it was too fat to crawl back out. It hid behind the poop bins to digest.  When he opened the clean-out door to scoop the poop, Farmer Man saw the cottonmouth snake.

He said, “Stay there. I’ll be right back.” or something like that. He got his shovel and gave the snake a sharp stab or two or seven with the shovel. The snake’s neck is askew, if you look closely or you can take my word for it, and is about 3/4 severed.  Farmer Man is my Hero.

Cottonmouths are venomous but are normally not very aggressive. And with digestion in process, the snake would have been moving even slower than usual. Interesting herpetology science facts, but the chickens and I don’t care. We’re still nervous about the snake.



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One Response to Florida Cottonmouth

  1. gophfer says:

    I will usually leave 🐍 alone, BUT, not venomous snakes and not in our coops. ‘nouth said.

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