Where Baby Bunnies Hide

Where baby bunnies hide Mar 2017.jpg

Betsy, one of the Marans, flushed out a baby bunny that was hiding behind the rain barrel. The baby bunny ran to hide next to the West Coop run wire fence. I was standing at the back of the West Coop, cleaning out the poop bins. Betsy followed the baby bunny. I think she was going to tell him that wasn’t the best hiding place.

A couple of Australorps, Matilda and Ruby, began following Betsy to see if she had found a tasty treat. The baby bunny realized the large fluffy birds were tracking him down. He ran to the closest hiding place he saw. He ran between my feet and hunkered down. Farm work includes standing still, as needed.

The three chickens were very intrigued. Evidently Farmer Lady had a really good treat. “Did you see how fast he ran to her?” They hurried over to me and the baby bunny took off. He ran towards the neighbor’s cleared yard, but he decided that was not his best idea. He turned back and ran towards the chickens who were running towards him, and he froze in the brush between the trees.

The brush might not look like much, but the baby bunny immediately disappeared, even to the eagle-eyed chickens. The chickens wandered off. They had lost interest. The baby bunny didn’t move for a very long time.

He had a great story to tell about getting away from the giant chickens. I’m sure his story will start off, “You know chickens are descended from dinosaurs, right?”


About Jaye Bee

Story-teller and Author My stories: Pink Baby Alligator is a children's early reader book and is a semi-finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards; Sweet Deal Sealed is a novella. Both books are available on Amazon. The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a YA crossover novel and will be published in June! I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, a mystery thriller, is in second-ish draft. I live on a farm with Farmer Man, two dogs, and fifty-five chickens. Follower of Jesus. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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2 Responses to Where Baby Bunnies Hide

  1. gophfer says:

    Great story! I was there and saw it and all I saw was a bunny being terrified by chickens.

    Liked by 1 person

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