Sadie and the Space Helmet


Sadie is sporting her Space Helmet, as so appropriately named by the astute 4 year old Boy. The purpose of the Space Helmet is to keep her from getting to the still-healing wounds and stitches from surgery that she had almost two weeks ago.

She removed her Space Helmet the first day after it was put on her. The vet’s office thought it was sized to be too loose for her and that she had wiggled it off her head. But, no. Not our Sadie. First, she caught a corner of the cone on a table leg then broke off a section of the plastic. Then she hooked the broken part on a chair and pulled the velcro apart. We put the Space Helmet back on, making sure it was snug but not too tight. So she took it off again with a smile that said, “We can do this all day.”

Pink duct tape over the velcro to hold it made the difference! And every time she’d break another piece of plastic off, we’d add more pink so the sharp edges wouldn’t stab us when she came up behind us.

She decided to share her helmet with TJ. She ran up to him, nose to nose, and said “See! How do you like being in the Space Helmet?” TJ ran off. He’s actually been giving her a very wide berth.

Family came to visit, and Sadie decided Kind-Hearted Company would take her Space Helmet off. She pushed into a chair and told Kind-Hearted Company, “Cough, cough. I’m choking here. See what they’ve done to me? Cough. Help, help. Cough.” Farmer Lady moved the chair. Killjoy.

Maybe today, Sadie. Maybe today the Space Helmet can go into the Archive, and the entire household will stop the nervous twitching when walking down hallways or through doorways.


About Jaye Bee

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4 Responses to Sadie and the Space Helmet

  1. gophfer says:

    Hope the Vet appointment today goes well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s so difficult to explain things satisfactorily to children who can’t speak. I’m sure the “body language” was QUITE expressive! May all be well with God’s beloved Dog!


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