Wuzza Snake

Wuzza Snake Aug 2016

Red on yellow, kill a fellow – Red on black, friend of Jack

This Wuzza Snake. Now it’s a dead Coral Snake with no head. It’s the second Coral Snake we’ve seen. The first one was caught and killed three years ago by Buster, our late sweet boxer mix and Farm Dog.

When Buster saw a black snake, he had a very distinctive bark. We knew he had found another snake. And the snakes took the hint and scooted away.

When he saw the coral snake, he didn’t bark. He grabbed the snake, shook it, threw it down, picked it up, and shook it again and again. He was evidently not a fan of coral snakes.

We just happened to have a vet appointment for our old guy Buster that day for a check up. When we told the vet about his encounter with the Coral Snake, she said, “Tell him he shouldn’t be doing that!” We gravely nodded in agreement even though we were very proud of our Farm Protector. He was a good dog.

Man almost stepped on this snake. He called for a shovel and watched the snake while I dashed – as well as an old lady can dash – for a nice sharp shovel that resulted in the demise of the snake.

There’s a storm brewing in the Gulf. I think the wildlife is searching for higher ground in anticipation of the impending weather.


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4 Responses to Wuzza Snake

  1. gophfer says:

    You do kinda a dance when your foot is going down and you see a coral snake. Most snakes are welcome at our place as contributors to our little ecosystem but not coral snakes.

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  2. My father encountered a coral snake when he was digging out over-achieving St. Augustine grass around the water meter cover back when I was a child growing up in Orlando. I’m thankful there was no physical contact!


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