Sadie On Patrol

Sadie has been on the farm almost six months. She takes being a Farm Dog seriously. Our coops and runs are well-secured with half-inch hardware cloth, but our Farm Guardian Dogs are our best security. Sadie does her rounds every night before bed and frequently asks to go out early to patrol the chicken coops. We installed a game camera to see what’s going on after dark and before dawn.

Here is Sadie last week walking between the two groups of chicken coops and runs, on patrol early in the morning. She is walking away from the camera, looking at the West Coop run. The North Coop is on her left.

sadie on rounds 0507hrs 7-22-16

Last night, the camera caught what she has been watching for.





It looks like we have a fox that is very interested in the chicken coops. You can see it came past the North Coop, headed away from the camera, and was looking towards the West Coop. Maybe the West Coop rooster, Baymax, was letting the neighborhood know there was a fox on the prowl.


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One Response to Sadie On Patrol

  1. gophfer says:

    Fox knows we can’t stay up past 11pm. I bet it has been chased by TJ and Sadie a few times. Wonder if the digging Sadie was doing yesterday was the foxes den.


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