Sadie’s Retirement

Sadie and TJ in the gray car Jan 2016

Sadie’s worked hard all of her 12ish years. She studied all her options and decided her best choice was to retire at The Farm. Even though there is a nice comfy quilt in the back of the van for traveling, she much preferred riding up front with Olde Dog’s Man and TJ.

TJ is regaling her with tales of chasing squirrels and how he and Olde Dog have caught o’possums. He is such a witty story teller! He’s even offered to help teach her to be a Livestock Chicken Guardian Dog. She is ready for her new exciting adventure as a Farm Dog.


About Jaye Bee

Story-teller and Author My stories: Pink Baby Alligator is a children's early reader book and is a semi-finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards; Sweet Deal Sealed is a novella. Both books are available on Amazon. The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a YA crossover novel and will be published in June! I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, a mystery thriller, is in second-ish draft. I live on a farm with Farmer Man, two dogs, and fifty-five chickens. Follower of Jesus. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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4 Responses to Sadie’s Retirement

  1. How lovely! Who needs backseat driving?

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  2. gophfer says:

    Update on Sadie. She was a country girl all along and didn’t know it. She chases varmints day and night, watches over me to keep me safe. she has gotten lean an muscular like a working country dog should. Life is good!

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  3. You HAVE to see this; it’s the ongoing saga of a young Frenchman sailing around the world with his travelling companion — a red hen named Monique:


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