Bitter Barn

Baymax checking Chloe and Mary Aug 2015

Chloe and Mary are in the Bitter Barn, where broody chickens go to become unbroody. Chloe went broody the end of July and has been a permanent resident of nest #8 except when we forcibly remove her every day for a little exercise, food, water, and a poop. She would mope around and fluff up her feathers and growl, except when Joanna was around. Joanna would give her a hard peck to tell her, “You see all those babies over there? I hatched them and raised them. By myself! Don’t talk your broody trash to ME!” Ha.

Mary decided to be broody this week, too, and claimed nest #10 along with four eggs from other chickens. Her nest eggs were pretty, I’ll give her that – dark brown, blue, green, and a pale pinkish tan. I decided enough was enough, however. We couldn’t have two nest boxes out of commission for months with two chickens not laying and wasting away. And we don’t want more babies with fall just around the corner. Time to break the broodies.

We happened to have two dog crates, and Olde Dog’s Man added hardware cloth to the bottom of each of them. We gave the girls food and water, and a board for a ‘roost,’ but no nesting material.The Tree House isn’t quite finished, but with a hard day’s work, Man made it secure so it can be the Bitter Barn at night for Chloe and Mary. During the day, they sit on the unfinished portion of the Bitter Barn deck with a fan blowing cool air on them. The sunlight and cooling off is supposed to reset their wacky hormones. Kind of like a little vacation poolside at an island spa with a cooling breeze. Yeah – they didn’t believe me when I told them that either. Maybe they’re waiting for their little umbrella drinks.

BayMax checks on them regularly. He’s good at pep talks.

We might let them out tomorrow during free range time to see if they enjoy scratching and exploring for bugs which means they’ll be laying again in a few weeks or if they make a dash for their nest boxes which means back to the Bitter Barn.

Ahh. Chicken Drama. Key the music!


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4 Responses to Bitter Barn

  1. gophfer says:

    Emergency’s sure can disrupt a construction schedule. Used up the materials on hand. Need to go to the lumberyard now. I probably need some new tools too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tbnranch says:

    Bitter barn… love it! I have two broodies in the “bitter barn” lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jaye Bee says:

      You too? Must be Bitter Barn season. We let Chloe and Mary out to free range with everybody else this morning, and Chloe was quite huffy about other chickens going into HER Bitter Barn Suite. Chickens are definitely fascinating!


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