Broody Hen Alert

Broody Joanna Apr 2015

Joanna has gone broody. There is no doubt about it. She has been in a nest box for three days. She growls if anyone – human or poultry – gets close. She normally is at the bottom of the pecking order of the seven chickens. But Broody Joanna has kept the other six big girls out of the coop with her threatening cries of “Out! Out!” Egg production has taken a serious dive. They waited until after dark last night to sneak into the coop to sleep.

This afternoon she left the nest for about thirty minutes to eat, drink, and poop. She screeched at the other hens while she was getting a drink, and they all ran away from her.

We’ve ordered some fertile eggs for her to hatch. They won’t be here for almost two weeks, but if she stays broody that long, then she can hatch some babies to take care of. If she doesn’t stay broody that long, we have a borrowed incubator for the eggs.

Meanwhile we’ve set up the smallest coop, the North Coop, as our Broody Coop with four wooden eggs in a nest. Our plan is to move her tonight after dark.  We’ll see how that works out. I suspect Ninja, Lydia, Sarah, Ruth, Eva, and Leah will be happy to help us!


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2 Responses to Broody Hen Alert

  1. gophfer says:

    Not just happy but relieved. 🙂

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