Need help?

Baymax helping Mar 2015

Obviously, close supervision is required at all time.  Her name is Baymax. She stays close. Very close. She frequently sits on my shoes while I work. I’ve learned to work without moving my feet. Nice to learn a new skill.

When I clean the boards, she steps onto the dust pan to see whether I might have missed something.  When I try to shoo her with my hand she chases my fingers in case I’m ineptly trying to give her a treat. “Need help? Would you like a hug?”  I wonder if that is her apprentice taking notes.


About Jaye Bee

Story-teller and Author My stories: Pink Baby Alligator is a children's early reader book and is a semi-finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards; Sweet Deal Sealed is a novella. Both books are available on Amazon. The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a YA crossover novel and will be published in June! I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, a mystery thriller, is in second-ish draft. I live on a farm with Farmer Man, two dogs, and fifty-five chickens. Follower of Jesus. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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4 Responses to Need help?

  1. gophfer says:

    The little chicks are entering the ugly phase of development right between cute fluffy and fully feathered. They also show some personality. So much fun and maybe some egg income in a few months.

    Three cheeps for Jaye Bee, the chicken lady!

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  2. Jaye Bee says:

    Thank you! Yes, the babies are loosing their down faster than they are getting their big girl feathers and they are starting to get that pitiful scraggly look. Ha!


  3. adaisygarden says:

    Ha! This made me smile! Your description was so funny! 🙂

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  4. Jaye Bee says:

    Thanks! Chickens are very entertaining.


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