Trash Talkin’

Eggs Aug 2014

The chickens were trash talkin’ this morning. We could hear them squawking and singing at each other.

Leah, one of the Buff Orpingtons, came out of her coop singing the Egg Song. Joanna and Ruth added counterpoint to the din, and Eva joined in with her Cheetah rawr. Leah’s beautiful speckled egg is the size of a store-bought medium.

Ninja, one of the Black Australorps, came out of her coop, flew up to their play yard roost, singing the Egg Song. Lydia and Sarah joined in at the chorus.  They sang long, loud, and proud. Her egg in the nest box is the largest we’ve seen. We expect it is double-yolked.

So what wins? Beauty over grande? Counterpoint over 3-part harmony? Somehow, I don’t think we’ve heard the last of the farmyard trash talkin’.


About Jaye Bee

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