Two coops Aug 2014

Seven chickies in two coops. And as of today, all seven of them are laying eggs! Seven eggs! We’ve had them all since they were one day old. It’s been exciting to watch them grow up and to watch their antics.

For example, Eva, one of the Buff Orpingtons, has started barking at the dogs. When Olde Dog or New Pup puts his face at the play yard fence, she charges and says “BAWK”! New Pup was very startled the first time, now they both just look at her quizzically. Dog version of “Seriously?”

If you look closely, you can see the panel between the two play yards. Sometimes we open it and let them mingle. They actually do better when they are all outside their play yards during their daily free-range time as far as not trying to rearrange the pecking order. However, Ninja, the first Black Australorp to lay an egg, was full of herself for being such a big girl. She pecked Joanna, the Buff O. Head Honcho Hen. Joanna was so insulted! After giving Ninja a Don’t-Do-That-Again peck, Joanna walked around puffed up for three days. Talk about ruffled feathers!


About Jaye Bee

Story-teller and Author My stories: Pink Baby Alligator is a children's early reader book and is a semi-finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards; Sweet Deal Sealed is a novella. Both books are available on Amazon. The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a YA crossover novel and will be published in June! I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, a mystery thriller, is in second-ish draft. I live on a farm with Farmer Man, two dogs, and fifty-five chickens. Follower of Jesus. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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