Need. String.

String Aug 2014

Two days ago, we discovered the string we used to mark the rows in the garden was going across the yard to the 75′ tree, then straight up the tree. We chuckled – what an unusual sight!

Olde Dog’s Man pulled it down and wrapped it around the remaining ball of string in the garden corner. This evening, the line of string was once again across the yard and straight up the tree to a squirrel’s nest. Not sure why, but evidently the Squirrel had a reason… Need. String.


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4 Responses to Need. String.

  1. K. Caffee says:

    It’s about that time of year again. Squirrels will be insulating their nests and trying to make them a tad bit softer over the nuts – not to mention hiding said nuts – before the deepest cold sets in. I am surprised they are not raiding your hay for nest material.


    • cecimouse says:

      I hadn’t thought about the hay in the coops.The chickens chase the squirrels – a little territorial feud, maybe. Of course, they do have two dogs backing them also chasing the squirrels…


      • K. Caffee says:

        if you can’t keep the squirrels out of the string – or most other small animals that make winter nests, you might consider leaving a little of your old hay out where they can get to it. Might help keep down the feuds over the “clean” nest material you don’t want them to have. (And, because it is old to you, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be useful to them.)

        Though, the dogs will help keep the unwelcome critters away, the can only be in two places at once. Which probably means they are slightly outnumbered.

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  2. cecimouse says:

    Haha! The Young Dog thinks he can cover all four corners and the middle simultaneously. But, good idea on having a little ‘spare’ hay for the neighbors.


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