The Owl

The Owl

I thought an Owl to guard the garden from rabbits, squirrels and other veggie predators was a brilliant idea.

We put the Owl out by the garden. I went inside to begin cooking. All was well.

Until the Crows spotted the Owl. They caw-caw-called the danger to each other. More Crows flew to our yard to join in. The Blue Jays wanted to help sound the alarm and were quickly joined by the Cardinals and every bird in the zip code. The Squirrels added their screeches. The next door neighbor’s chickens jumped in with their loud frantic squawks. The other next door neighbor’s donkey brayed the alarm. Even the dogs down the road who howl at the sound of an ambulance siren added their howls and barks.

I couldn’t take the growing, almost deafening, cacophony any more. I ran outside with a dishtowel, grabbed the Owl, threw the cloth over it, and hurried back to the porch holding the covered Owl like a football.

Silence. Except for the muttering as I went back into the house.

And that’s why I have an Owl who proudly sits on a table on the veranda with a towel stylishly draped over its head.


About Jaye Bee

Story-teller and Author My stories: Pink Baby Alligator is a children's early reader book and is a semi-finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards; Sweet Deal Sealed is a novella. Both books are available on Amazon. The Girl Who Saw Clouds is a YA crossover novel and will be published in June! I Always Wanted to Be a Spy, a mystery thriller, is in second-ish draft. I live on a farm with Farmer Man, two dogs, and fifty-five chickens. Follower of Jesus. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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