Bush Hog

Bush Hog

Olde Dog’s Man, Guest Blogger

So today…

I needed to sharpen the blades on my Bush Hog. To get the nuts off I used a 4 foot cheater bar on my socket and it was still a hard pull. Then the bolts wouldn’t come out even with me banging with a sledge hammer, so I heated them up with a torch to make them expand and then let them cool to break rust free. While they were cooling I sat in a chair in the front yard looking over the front acreage.

While sitting there stripping the bark off the oak sapling I had cut for my granddaughter’s walking stick I started to look around. The weather is beautiful! Shirtsleeve weather. Wispy small clouds were floating by; I can hear one of the neighbor’s hens announcing the arrival of an egg. Other songbirds are filling the air with music. My dog is relaxing at my feet, content just to be there. Life is great! But there is more.

I go and give the bolts a couple hits with the hammer and they begin to move. In short time the blades are sharp, tools are put away and I go inside.

The air is full of the wonderful smell of the beef stew my wife has been cooking for supper. She has really taken over the cooking since her retirement. Guess what, she is good at it!

I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner. She has always been there for me. I am one lucky guy.

What’s next Lord?


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2 Responses to Bush Hog

  1. gophfer says:

    Been several years since I wrote this. Life is still good!

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