The mound of sand marks the exit for a pocket gopher. Pocket gophers are rodents which translates to rat for me. They are outside, not inside the house, so there is that. My biggest worry is that the mounds are almost ringing the area I am planning for the garden. How did they know that?

There are instructions available on how to place traps inside their burrows, but trying to insert a rat trap inside a burrow in the sand seems ridiculous to me.

I need some nice predators like a family of black snakes. We should have brought our black snakes with us from the old house. Or a cat. Wonder if Stalking Cat is still angry?


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6 Responses to Underground

  1. Bill says:

    OK, I will stop letting Buster out when I see angry cat. Just don’t ask me to sit outside at night with a pellet gun. Nights get down in the 40’s and sometimes 30’s. Brrrr


  2. Rabbit says:

    Maybe this is why Stalking Cat is frequenting your grounds.


  3. Frank Roloff says:

    I think a gopher would be a little bit too much of a mouthful for a black racer. You need a gray rat snake or an Indigo snake.


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