Olde Dog, New Trick


Olde Dog’s eyesight is starting to fail a bit.  I speak of it delicately in case someone reads this aloud.

The squirrels and rabbits have obviously been gossiping about his eyesight, because they have learned that if they sit very still, he won’t see them. He will walk right past them, in fact.

Olde Dog must have heard the rumors, because he has changed his strategy. He no longer walks through the woods, looking and sniffing for squirrels and rabbits. He has started running as fast as he can through the brush and trees. As he barrels near a squirrel or rabbit, they panic and dash away. The movement obviously catches his eye and the chase is on!

Even though he isn’t fast enough to catch anything, Olde Dog is letting the wild creatures know he’s still the Big Dog.


About Jaye Bee

Multitalented Farmer: chickens, eggs, truck garden, and of course, worms. Author, Storyteller, Listener, Observer. Love Jesus! Website: http://judithabarrett.com Copyright Notice This website and its content is copyright of J.A. Barrett © 2009-2017. All rights reserved. Thou shalt not plagiarize. (See Commandment #8)
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