The Chicken Who Thinks She’s A Cat

Faith stuck on the roost again Feb 2017.jpg

This is Faith. You might remember Faith – she was the baby chick two years ago who peeped while still in the egg that had been pushed out of the nest.  Man was carrying that egg with a pip and a crack that had been pushed out of the nest twice to dispose of it. I told him, “Your hand is peeping.” We put the egg into our incubator, and Faith hatched at the end of the day with a little help. After she dried, we took her out to Mama Joanna who took her in and showed her how to drink and eat.

Every day Faith flies up to the highest roost in the run. Then she spends an hour or so walking back and forth on the roost, looking down at the other chickens. She reminds me of a cat that climbs a tree and then can’t figure out how to get down.

Or maybe she’s a hawk – high up in her perch, trying to decide which chicken she’s going to swoop down on. We know it won’t be Joanna. Nobody messes with Mama Joanna.

The first few times I saw her walking back and forth on the roost, I thought “Oh poor girl. She can’t get down.” Then I realized she flew up there. As hard as it is, I’ve learned to just look away. My life lesson for the day. If it bothers you, look away. Ignore it. You’re welcome.


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The Garden is Waiting


The garden is ready and waiting for the Spring planting! We’re in Florida, so the spring planting starts in February. Tomorrow we’ll plant radishes, turnips, lettuce, brussels sprouts, broccoli, red La Soda potatoes, and Yukon Gold potatoes. Next month we’ll plant beans, cucumbers, collards, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and flowers for the bees.

We rotate our crops.Whatever is planted in one row is moved a row the next year. Last year, we planted beans in the fourth row; this year, the beans will be in the first row. Second row will be root vegetables – turnips, radishes, sweet potatoes later in the spring. Third row is for the leafy vegetables – lettuce and collards. The fourth row is cucumbers and peppers. We plant our tomatoes in buckets.

We got a pickup load of compost from a nearby farm to add to our own chicken-provided compost. You know you’re on a good farm when there all kinds of compost around and you don’t smell anything but wonderful, rich dirt.

Speaking of chicken-provided, our 61 hens are in full spring production! We’re averaging over 40 eggs a day. If you decide on a visit, be sure to bring a cooler so you can take eggs home. The eggs you buy in the grocery store are 30-60 days old. It doesn’t take us nearly that long to walk from the backyard coops to our kitchen, so you can have yesterday’s eggs or if you want to wait a second, today’s eggs!

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Sadie and the Space Helmet


Sadie is sporting her Space Helmet, as so appropriately named by the astute 4 year old Boy. The purpose of the Space Helmet is to keep her from getting to the still-healing wounds and stitches from surgery that she had almost two weeks ago.

She removed her Space Helmet the first day after it was put on her. The vet’s office thought it was sized to be too loose for her and that she had wiggled it off her head. But, no. Not our Sadie. First, she caught a corner of the cone on a table leg then broke off a section of the plastic. Then she hooked the broken part on a chair and pulled the velcro apart. We put the Space Helmet back on, making sure it was snug but not too tight. So she took it off again with a smile that said, “We can do this all day.”

Pink duct tape over the velcro to hold it made the difference! And every time she’d break another piece of plastic off, we’d add more pink so the sharp edges wouldn’t stab us when she came up behind us.

She decided to share her helmet with TJ. She ran up to him, nose to nose, and said “See! How do you like being in the Space Helmet?” TJ ran off. He’s actually been giving her a very wide berth.

Family came to visit, and Sadie decided Kind-Hearted Company would take her Space Helmet off. She pushed into a chair and told Kind-Hearted Company, “Cough, cough. I’m choking here. See what they’ve done to me? Cough. Help, help. Cough.” Farmer Lady moved the chair. Killjoy.

Maybe today, Sadie. Maybe today the Space Helmet can go into the Archive, and the entire household will stop the nervous twitching when walking down hallways or through doorways.

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O Christmas Tree


We’re getting ready for Christmas on the farm. We went to a local tree farm and bought two Carolina Sapphire cypress trees. It’s our new Christmas tradition to have growing Christmas trees.

TJ and Sadie are on patrol. They are checking for signs of reindeer.

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Pink Baby Alligator


Once upon a time, a little girl was growing very weary of waiting for a table at a popular, crowded restaurant. As a distraction, I told her a story about a pink baby alligator. That story became a bedtime story. Over and over again.

When she was a little older, she asked for the much-loved story to be written down so she could read it herself. And I did. And she did. Over and over again.

Now that story is in a book for other kids! You can find it on Amazon. And you can read it. And they can read it. Over and over again.  Amazon – Pink Baby Alligator

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Nosy Neighbor


One of the neighborhood deer dropped by the other evening to see what was going on. Or maybe she was just interested in taking a Selfie. Or maybe she was wondering what that camo-colored thing on the tree was and what was in it… If she got just a little closer, maybe she could see…

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Wuzza Snake

Wuzza Snake Aug 2016

Red on yellow, kill a fellow – Red on black, friend of Jack

This Wuzza Snake. Now it’s a dead Coral Snake with no head. It’s the second Coral Snake we’ve seen. The first one was caught and killed three years ago by Buster, our late sweet boxer mix and Farm Dog.

When Buster saw a black snake, he had a very distinctive bark. We knew he had found another snake. And the snakes took the hint and scooted away.

When he saw the coral snake, he didn’t bark. He grabbed the snake, shook it, threw it down, picked it up, and shook it again and again. He was evidently not a fan of coral snakes.

We just happened to have a vet appointment for our old guy Buster that day for a check up. When we told the vet about his encounter with the Coral Snake, she said, “Tell him he shouldn’t be doing that!” We gravely nodded in agreement even though we were very proud of our Farm Protector. He was a good dog.

Man almost stepped on this snake. He called for a shovel and watched the snake while I dashed – as well as an old lady can dash – for a nice sharp shovel that resulted in the demise of the snake.

There’s a storm brewing in the Gulf. I think the wildlife is searching for higher ground in anticipation of the impending weather.

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